Winter Walking


Winter makes me lazy. I hate being cold, and that combined with the short days, keeps me bundled up on the couch all winter.


Despite the chill, getting outside during the winter months is important for your health and well-being. Here’s why:

  1. It helps to deal with seasonal affective disorder. Fresh air and sunshine is good for your mental health. Binging on Netflix for months on end isn’t quite as effective.
  2. Hiking in the snow is a good workout. It burns more calories per hour than hiking in the summer. The cold temps raise your metabolic rate and slogging through deep snow provides resistance.
  3. It’s so quiet and beautiful out there! Trails tend to be pretty empty at this time of year and glistening, snow covered trees makes for great views.

Bonus Reason


A break from cabin fever is a break from the constant bickering!


So put some layers on and get out there. The hardest part is trusting that it will be worth it.

It always is!

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