5 Things You Should Do With Dandelions (that don’t involve glaring at them)

Dandelions. That in your face yellow bloom that takes over any previously cultivated space. This usually means they ruin the perfect greenness of your lawn or sprout awkwardly in the soothing palette of pinks, lavenders, and whites in your cottage garden.


Despite your less than friendly feelings, there are many reasons to love this little interloper, but before we get to the fun stuff, let us go over all the DIRE WARNINGS first.

There are many claims about the health benefits of dandelions but most remain unproven. Food doses are considered relatively safe. If you suffer from allergies, or gallbladder issues, dandelion is something you may want to avoid. There are also several medications that don’t mix well with dandelion so talk to your doctor before consuming. As with many herbs, avoid while pregnant or breastfeeding because the effects are unknown.

When picking dandelions, avoid those next to the road and only use flowers that you know have not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides.

dandelions uses herbalism

That said, if you still want to play around with some dandelions and can do it safely, here’s what I like to do with my harvest of invaders.

1. Add to loose incense mixes

If you are reading tarot or trying to communicate with spirits, add some dried dandelion flowers to your incense blend. It is said to increase your psychic awareness, making otherworldly communication easier.

dandelion herb uses

2. Make wine

I meant to do this last year but never got around to it. It takes a lot of picking and plucking but if you’re up to it, it would be a fun project.

Here’s a recipe for you. Let me know if you try it.

3. Dehydrate or freeze to eat later

The most common thing to do with dandelion is to eat the young leaves in a salad. I rarely do this. Instead, I pick all the leaves I can get my grubby little hands on and either dehydrate them or freeze for winter use. I then add them to soups, bolognese and as a topping for pizza.

dandelion uses

4. Steep some tea or roast yourself some faux coffee

Dandelion roots can be dried and then roasted for a coffee substitute if that’s your jam. For tea lovers, steep leaves or flowers, either fresh or dried with a little dried orange to cut the bitterness. It makes a nice digestive after raiding the buffet.

5. Rub on some dandelion salve

Dandelion may help alleviate dry skin, muscle pain and inflammation so why not try your hand at salve making?

Herbal salves are pretty easy to make. Stuff a jar full of a herb and add oil to it. Place the jar in a dark, cool spot for 10 weeks to steep. Strain the herbs out and add melted beeswax at a ratio of 4 parts oil to 1 part wax. If you don’t like the hardness of the finished salve, remelt and add more wax or oil.

When choosing an oil, keep in mind the rancidity rates. Some oils, like sunflower only last 3 months before going off, so you if plan on having your salve around longer, choose something like olive or avocado (6-12 months).

That’s it! Instead of spraying the yellow away with probable carcinogens, eat them, drink them or rub them all over your sexy body.

5 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Do With Dandelions (that don’t involve glaring at them)

  1. I have childhood nightmares about dandelions, my parents made me go out to the lawn and dig them up, nope couldn’t have them ruining the pretty green lawn. I always got stung and then there was the time my grandmother made a dandelion salad, oh yuck I thought it was bitter and the worst ever! Why was she making us eat weeds? All I wanted to do was blow the seed heads and make wishes. I believe I wished my future lawn would be covered in dandelions. That little girl grew into a woman that celebrates their first blooms and knows they are the harbinger to bees and surely spring is just around the corner. The magic of blowing of seed heads still remains a favorite. I’ve often thought of making dandelion wine, and then before I know it the season has passed. I like the idea of batter and frying them in butter, I just may have to try that this weekend. Best, Kim


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