Celebrating Spring Without all the Baggage

Although the popular pagan holiday of Ostara was celebrated in March, I’ve always done our family version, Bunny Day, on Easter Weekend. It’s just more convenient for me to line it up with an existing long weekend. I don’t feel a huge connection to the wheel of the year so I celebrate the season in a way that feels right to me.

There are no deities involved in our celebrations, it’s entirely focused on the arrival of spring. Here are a few things I do with my kids.

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It is time to clean out old beds, start tomatoes and peppers indoors, plant sweet peas outdoors and getting going on garden diys. The last snow (knock on wood) has melted and it’s warm enough to really get our hands dirty and connect with the Earth.

Spring Cleanup

Our county has a spring cleanup every April so this is the perfect time to air out the house, donate shit we don’t use and toss the rest. Change your smoke detector batteries, smoke cleanse the house, update your wards and get rid of what doesn’t serve you. With the freshness of the season, I find it easier to connect with what I love and admit to what I don’t. Out with the dust and cobwebs!

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Tea Party

I have become rather fond of tea parties for the sunny season holidays. They are full of joy and cuteness. If it’s warm enough we will eat outside on the patio but tea sandwiches and pastries will brighten up even a dismal day indoors. Vintage teacups and pots can be found at thrift shops and it’s fun to mix and match them.

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Welcome back the birds

Plant some food for your feathered friends. Popular plants include mulberries, serviceberries, grapes, cherry trees, bachelor’s buttons, butterfly weed,  columbine, foxglove, and lupines.

You can also hang up some hummingbird feeders. Here in Nova Scotia, seed feeders come down in the warm months due to the spread of disease.

Set a Creative Intention

With new life bursting all around, take advantage of the creative energy and set some intentions for new ideas, set new goals or do some art magick.

Hippity hop to the chocolate shop

What holiday isn’t an excuse to eat food? The only gift purchase for my kids will be chocolate bunnies. We look forward to eating Mr. Munchy all year long.

Do you have plans for the coming holiday weekend?

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring Without all the Baggage

  1. Hey, I just found your blog and I love it (fellow Canadian myself!) over here in Qc we still have just a tad of snow on the ground. I’ve started my seeds indoors and am SO looking forward to putting my pots outside! This weekend I will hopefully be having both a full moon ritual and a family supper!


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