What’s Blooming? 04/06/2019

Before I went outside, I would have said, not a hell of a lot. It's been a long, cold, and wet spring. Everything seems to be delayed and gardeners across Canada have been telling horror stories of plants that were destroyed by the wackadoodle winter we just had. The growing season is here though, and … Continue reading What’s Blooming? 04/06/2019

Dandelion Syrup

I took a break from digging up dandelions for my bunnies, to make myself a little treat. I can't wait to have pancakes for supper with this beautiful syrup. Here's the recipe. Fresh Dandelion Syrup - Makes 12oz 10 oz trimmed (no green bits) dandelion flowers Boiling water to cover 3 cups of sugar 1/3 … Continue reading Dandelion Syrup