Witchcraft! Where Everything is Made Up and the Points Don’t Matter


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Everything is Made Up

Sorry to burst bubbles here, but it’s true. Very few witches are practicing an ancient craft and even then it was all still created by some human. This doesn’t mean that your version is meaningless or ineffective, it just means you can chill the fuck out on imposing your truth on everyone else. I’m looking at you, 3 Fold Law folks.

It also means that if what you’re doing isn’t working or you don’t feel connected to it, do something else! Find something that makes your heart sing and gives you the results you want. There are no witch inspectors coming to bang down your door to make sure you’re following all the made-up rules.

I do what works and ignore the rest. Unverified personal gnosis and all that jazz.

The Points Don’t Matter

We all have our soapboxes (familiars aren’t pets!!!!). If you believe that Fifi is your magickal companion, it doesn’t matter that I think shitting in a litter box disqualifies her. You do you. Like I said before if your belief is working for you, then have at ‘er. I know we all like to win our internet wars but in the end, all the upvotes in the world mean nothing. They aren’t going to keep you warm at night.

In witchcraft, authenticity points only matter to gatekeepers, and why would you want to impress those buzzkills anyway?

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