All the Apples

On September 7th an itty bitty hurricane named Dorian hit Nova Scotia. My house was pretty far from the eye but it did manage to knock out the power for a few days and it toppled one of my 10-year-old apple trees. I have around a dozen trees and although the apples are not quite ripe yet, many of them fell off during the storm.

Post-hurricane the kids and I went outside and picked as many drop apples as we could and ended up with around 100lbs. The trees are still loaded with apples. We haven’t had any good apples in a few years so this bounty was unexpected. I’ve been scrambling to process the drops before my grapes need doing. This is taking a while because I’m canning everything on a single portable induction burner. I’m hoping to store all the nice apples that are still on the trees, for eating fresh.

The book I use the most for canning is the Bernardin Complete Book of Home Preserving which you can find here.


The recipes that I’ve been using to get rid of all these fresh drop apples are the apple butter, applesauce, and green tomato and apple chutney from the above book.

I do make a second recipe that I call Baking Sauce. Now, this isn’t really a recipe so much as it is a lazy mom detour. When you are making applesauce, you’re supposed to peel the apples first. When I make applesauce for eating straight out of the jar, that’s what I do. This is a tedious job that I hate. It’s fine for big apples but with a bunch of little drops, I cannot with it, so I make baking sauce with the apples I can’t be bothered to peel. Baking sauce is peel-on applesauce that I use as a substitute for oil in baking recipes like quick bread and muffins. I usually make this applesauce in a slow cooker and water bath can them when I can be bothered. My kids won’t eat applesauce with the peel on because my hand blender doesn’t do a perfect job of pureeing the skins.

There is another recipe from this book that I’d love to make, which is the apple pie filing but I can’t find Clear Gel anywhere. I mean, Amazon has it but it isn’t cheap there. If you water bath can applesauce, is there a safe substitution for Clear Gel?

Will you be picking apples this fall? What are your favourite recipes? Let me know in the comments!

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