All the Apples

On September 7th an itty bitty hurricane named Dorian hit Nova Scotia. My house was pretty far from the eye but it did manage to knock out the power for a few days and it toppled one of my 10-year-old apple trees. I have around a dozen trees and although the apples are not quite … Continue reading All the Apples

Hodgepodge- Nova Scotian Comfort Food

I've mentioned previously that I don't celebrate the typical Wiccan style holidays. That includes Lammas/Lughnasadh which comes up on August 1st. However, I do recognize local, seasonal changes. And what can be more local and seasonal to Nova Scotia, than making Hodgepodge? This traditional dish is all the rage at the peak of summer. It … Continue reading Hodgepodge- Nova Scotian Comfort Food

Dandelion Syrup

I took a break from digging up dandelions for my bunnies, to make myself a little treat. I can't wait to have pancakes for supper with this beautiful syrup. Here's the recipe. Fresh Dandelion Syrup - Makes 12oz 10 oz trimmed (no green bits) dandelion flowers Boiling water to cover 3 cups of sugar 1/3 … Continue reading Dandelion Syrup